Welcome to My New Hunting Blog

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

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An epic 15 minutes.

Last night my wife decided not to hunt deer today because she wasn’t feeling all that good. So about 10:30 I decided to go give duck hunting a go this morning.

So at the crack of zero dark thirty when my alarm went off I was seriously questioning my sanity.. So after a few minutes of fighting with myself I got up and rushed around getting my stuff gathered and out the door I went. As I was driving towards the stamp I was trying to decide what was going to my best bet for duck slaying the ditch or the river. When I pulled in the break of day made my decision for me. The ditch was my best bet for getting set up and ready to hunt.

I hurried got my waders on grabbed my decoys and off I went. As I walked toward the place I was going to set up I saw a flock of ducks drop out of the sky and into the ditch. At that point I realized I made the right decision getting out of bed and going hunting. I stopped right where I was looked at my phone 8 minutes until legal shooting time. As I’m waiting ducks just kept coming and dropping into the ditch at that point I realized time actually slows to a crawl when your waiting and watching ducks.

Finally, 6:33 am go time. I moved slowly towards the ditch expecting a storm of ducks to take off at any moment. As I got to the edge I stood up and stood there looking at hundreds of ducks doing what ducks do. I literally had to yell at them to get them to fly. 2 shots two ducks fall. I put my gun down and went to retrieve my two birds while I was standing in the ditch with ducks dropping in all around me I was convinced that I didn’t get up and I must be dreaming. I grabbed my birds hurried back to my gun reloaded just in time for more birds to come in first bird in took aim and fired he dropped in the ditch then a second one. I now had 4 birds and I had only been hunting less than 10 minutes. I reloaded and went to retrieve my birds I got to the first one just in time for 2 more to drop in I took aim shot the first one then the second one. I picked up 3 of the 4 and then realized the last bird wasn’t where I saw him go down I searched all around the area but couldn’t find him. The limit is 6 and that missing bird was number 6 so after searching more I decided to call it a day. I had killed 6 birds. I took my gun back up on the bank sat down and thought about the recent 15 minutes I couldn’t believe what had taken place.

I have been hunting ducks since I was 10 years old I have had some amazing days in the field but I have to say today was one of the best. 15 minutes limited out. I can truly say that has never happened before not even close. I do have one regret and it’s the fact that I was by myself none of my friends were there to enjoy a truly great hunt.

Hopefully, there are many more hunts this year like today and hopefully, my buddies will be along next time. I am truly thankful for my hunt today and every one to come.

The man that introduced me to hunting. And a lot of other things.

My dad was a hunter. He also was a hard working man that always got up and went to work. I don’t remember him ever staying home sick. He introduced me to hunting when I was 10. I can remember that first dove hunt like it was yesterday. He also introduced me to duck hunting. And to this day I would have to say a good duck hunt is my favorite hunt. We also did some deer and antelope hunting together. Those hunts were limited because I was an archery hunter and he was a rifle hunter but we did share a few big game hunts before I gave up rifle hunting completely.

I can remember as a kid listening to stories of hunts he went on. Those stories are still something I think about often. Stories of elk and deer hunts on the western slope and stories of duck hunts when he was a kid. Those were different times to hear him tell it animals were much more abundant maybe they were.

He also taught me other things he taught me things that serve me well to this day. The biggest thing was work ethic. Like I said I don’t remember him ever staying home sick. He always provided for us growing up.

3 years ago tomorrow the lord called him home. It was sudden and completely unexpected. I miss him everyday. And I’m so thankful for all the things he taught me and the gift of hunting..

I love you dad and miss you.

Selectivity on the hunt grounds. Not my thing.

Well, a week ago today plains archery season opened.

My granddaughter hunted with me all weekend and we had a good time. She had said recently she was only going to take a buck. As the weekend went on there were plenty of deer but only one buck and i guess he didn’t get the memo because he didn’t even offer her an opportunity. Well on second thought maybe he did get the memo. We spent Friday afternoon Saturday and Sunday morning in the stand. On our way down to the stamp Sunday morning i think the realization of not filling her tag was setting in she told me she may take a doe if she got the chance. I reminded her that our season lasts until the end of December and she would have more chances to get her buck. I also told her if she decided to take a doe i would be just as happy for her. Well as the morning went on there was no deer moving at all. She was getting a little down because she knew she had to be home early afternoon and time was ticking.

Finally, after a couple of hours, I spotted a doe walking up the trail towards our stand i whispered here comes a doe she didn’t move i said it again still nothing i looked over she was sound asleep i bumped her arm and said there’s a doe. She went from sleeping to full alert. Unfortunately, the doe was on to us and didn’t give her a chance at a shot. Well, the time arrived the time i was dreading all weekend. Time to take her home. So we walked out both of us with our heads down. We got in the car and i was trying to explain to her that it’s called hunting because if we got something every time we went out that would just be killing and it wouldn’t be much fun. I also reminded her that the season was far from over and there would be other times spent in the stand.

I dropped her off at home and headed back to the stamp. I got back got my camo on and started my walk into the stand i was going to sit in.

This is the part that proves i don’t have that selectivity thing on the hunt grounds. I was about halfway to my stand when i noticed a doe feeding about 40 yards in front of me. I ducked in behind a tree knocked an arrow and started figuring out a plan. I had decided to just step out and take the 40-yard shot. But she decided to walk right towards me. So as she’s moving towards me I’m trying to figure out how i was going to get a shot at her. Then she helped me out and turned heading diagonally away from me. I crawled to within 20 yards of her and got my shot. The arrow did its job and she ran about 30 yards and died. I was excited like i always am whenever i harvest an animal but i was also sad i wish that opportunity would have presented itself to my granddaughter. It would have been a great chance for her to learn.

All in all, it was a good weekend. I spent quality time with my granddaughter. I got to watch her demonstrate that selectivity thing. I still dont get that. I got to see her become a hunter. And i put some meat in the freezer.

Now if she can get that selectivity thing to pay off and harvest a buck it will be a banner year.

Grandkids change everything

Well, today is the day. The day I have been waiting for all year. It’s the opening day of plains archery deer season. I have spent every bit of my spare time getting ready for today. I have put up new stands, trimmed shooting lanes tuned bows sharpened broadheads im all set. Except today im not hunting. Nope, today opening day the day I have waited for all year is here and im sitting it out. I’m ready my equipment is ready the deer are plentiful on the stamp.. The reason im sitting out today is a 13 year old that wants first shot on the stamp this year. My granddaughter wants first shot. she wants to take a buck. In her words “so she can have bragging rights”. So I did the unthinkable I sat out today. I have to wait until Friday afternoon to get out there. Now this is something that anyone that knows me would be shocked by. I don’t miss opening day ever. But i wouldn’t have it any other way. The opportunity to take her down to the stamp and giving her first shot is something i look forward to. I can’t wait for her to take that first shot. Hopefully, she gets bragging rights. Hopefully, she gets a huge buck and has bragging rights for years to come. That would make this season a success no matter if I fill my tag or not.

Hunting. A rich man’s sport?

It’s a fact. Hunting is getting expensive. But I don’t believe it’s becoming a rich man’s sport. There are ways to still get out and hunt without breaking the bank.

First thing dont buy the hype. By that I mean don’t think you need the latest and greatest. Cable tv is loaded with shows that show hunters harvesting animals with the latest and greatest equipment. and they all say it’s because they have this great equipment. To that I say BS. These people are being paid by those that produce these latest and greatest products to sell you on them. They want to convince you that if you don’t have their products you won’t have success in the field. It’s all about your money. And separating you from it.

I don’t know anyone that has to hunt for what they eat. Hunting in 2019 isn’t something we do out of necessity hunting is something we do for relaxation. it’s a way to spend time with friends and family outside away from electronics and the daily grind.

It is getting more expensive to hunt for sure. License fees keep going up, the cost to drive to your destination is getting more expensive ammo prices all these things are going up. But someone that isn’t rolling in dough can still get out and hunt. Instead of buying the latest and greatest buy what works and has worked for decades.

Guns have been around since the 10th century. Bows have been around since 3000bc. Now I realize there have been some changes to each of them for the better but in recent history, nothing has really changed to make either all that much better. There have been some changes especially on the archery side that have really improved modern bows but I think now most improvements are just bells and whistles. Bows today are fast and quiet lightweight and a lot more user-friendly even compared to my first bow I bought 30 years ago. But that bow from 30 years ago would still take animals today. Guns are changing also but nothing new and exciting more of the bells and whistles in my opinion. I have a Winchester pre 64 model 70 that was my dads and that gun will take animals as good as anything out there today and it’s 56 years old. A couple big changes in guns is the fact that prices are coming down this is because of all the gun manufacturers around the world importing their guns to America. This is good and bad it’s bad because the quality of American guns has dropped so they can compete. It’s good because now someone on a budget can buy a shotgun or rifle of good quality and still be able to afford the basics to get out in the field.

All the basics. Along with the purchase of a gun or bow comes the other stuff. I’m a bargain shopper I hunt year around. I hunt bargains on hunting gear. Walmart is great for bargains they have horrible timing on putting out gear for each hunting season and as a result there is bargains to be had. They usually put archery gear out around mid-September even though most archery hunting here starts the last week of August as a result by November/December archery equipment is marked way down. That includes camo clothing calls etc. I know Walmart gear can’t be good.. after all, it’s Walmart. It’s the same gear that everyone else sells just due to poor timing it’s way cheaper. Another score I have to thank wally world for is decoys they again have bad timing and usually don’t get duck decoys in until we’ll into season. This is great I have bought decoys as cheap as 25.00 dollars a dozen. Same decoys that are sold at the big sporting goods stores for 50.00+ for 6. Another great place or bargains is craigslist. Those guys that have to buy the latest and greatest every year have to get rid of last years old tired technology. Decoys blinds etc can be picked up cheap. Be patient and hunt year around. Deals are out there.

Hunting is a sport that really requires nothing more than the basics to get into. If archery is your thing find a bow that you like that fits you and you enjoy shooting. Same goes for guns find one that fits is comfortable to shoot and you enjoy shooting. Get out and practice a lot. Then practice some more. Find accessories as you go find what works for you and enjoy the time you spend outside.

I said at the start hunting isn’t a rich man’s sport. Now that I think about it I was wrong. I have spent time with family and friends in the field some of which have passed on. I have memories of those times. I am blessed with three grandchildren that all want to hunt and I get the honor of introducing them to the wonderful world of hunting. I have watched the sunrise from duck blinds. I have watched the sunset from beautiful mountain meadows. I have met lots of great people in my hunting endeavors. All these experiences and memories have made me rich.

Ducks, Bucks,blinds

Well, here we go. It’s 9/12 and it snowed in the high country last night. There are some large storms pushing down from up north. I’m not fooled into believing that our temps are going to drop to winter numbers just yet.It’s supposed to be 90 on Sunday. That being said I do know that fall isn’t far off.

Tuesday evening i spent some time down on the stamp finishing up the ground blind i started for my wife. While i was down there i was noticing some things. The ant piles are getting taller those little guys are building for winter and judging from what they are doing winter is coming soon. I also noticed that the geese are bunching up saw several decent size flocks. And the ducks were everywhere. I’m starting to see more birds than i was seeing even two weeks ago. This has me in full-court press mode to say im excited for the upcoming hunting season would be an understatement.

After i got done with the blind i decided to sit in one of my tree stands until dark. I always enjoy just sitting up in a stand watching everything that goes on it’s very relaxing for me. After about 15 minutes i noticed some movement about 50 yards away from me. Sure enough, it was an ear moving in the brush then that ear turned into a deer. A nice healthy whitetail doe decided to come out and feed in front of me. That had my heart racing even though i was just a spectator i couldn’t help getting that adrenaline rush that i always get when watching deer from my stand. As she fed across and towards me several of her friends joined her. After about 20 minutes they moved on to points unknown and i decided it was time to get home.

As i drove home i couldn’t help but think about all the things i have to get done. That also gets my heart racing. Needless to say my days off this week are going to be busy. All in the name of this crazy time of year called hunting season. I got duck blinds to build got another tower stand to get up and decoys to get ready. It’s a high stress time for me. But i wouldn’t have it any other way.

The problem with the stamp

My family has owned the piece of ground that I refer to as the stamp since the early 1900s. Of course at that time the stamp was part of a lot bigger piece of property that was owned by my great uncle. The problem he had and I now have is the fact that it is very accessible. The south plate river runs through it as well as a ditch and railroad tracks. All this accessibility means there is a steady flow of people that think they can just move in and do what they want. Literally, we have had people set up camps.Now these people aren’t families wanting to spend a weekend camping no these are people that in most cases are not real nice people and when they leave or we run them out they leave trash and all kinds of neat things behind for us to clean up. Thankfully I have a neighbor that patrols the stamp a couple of times a day so it’s getting better. Unfortunately just this past week someone decided that a couple of our trail cameras looked like something to steal. So we are out a few hundred dollars.

Then there is the other type that sneak in and do a little hunting. These are the ones my great uncle had problems with just like I do. These are the ones that are easier to catch because guns aren’t quiet. But as we found out last year archery hunters like to do a little trespassing also. I was down building a duck blind on a Sunday afternoon last October. when I was walking out I noticed a guy walking down the railroad tracks in full camo carrying a bow. He then walked down into the stamp and was gone. We looked for him for a while but didn’t find him. The next day I was down there before daylight ready for a day of duck hunting. When the sun came up I found out that he had shot a deer the way I found out was the fact that he didn’t recover the deer it was laying in the ditch. This really angers me. First he’s hunting where he doesn’t have permission second he shot a deer and didn’t recover it so its just wasted.

I get really tired of people just making themselves at home on the stamp. But I really don’t have any option other than to continue running them off. I hope eventually word gets out and people will stop trespassing. But they haven’t in the last 100 years doubt if they will any time soon.

September. It’s on!!!!!

Well here we go it’s September 3 dove season is open teal season opens Saturday. Oh, yeah it’s on!!!

Took my grandsons out dove hunting yesterday we didn’t bag any birds but we had fun and I did have a few misses but what the heck it was an afternoon well spent.

As much as I like dove hunting my sites are set on other game birds. Teal season opens Saturday but I haven’t been seeing many down on the stamp so I think I will spend my time getting blinds put up. I dread putting up blinds this time of year because it’s so hot but it’s gotta be done and the sweat will be worth it next month when waterfowl season opens. Hopefully, the weather turns cold up north early this year and pushes the birds down. The past couple of years have been somewhat lackluster to say the least and im ready for some good duck days. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Just two more days

Well, here we go. Just two more days and it all begins. In two days dove season opens its the beginning of another year of chasing critters. Unfortunately, my season doesn’t start until Monday gotta work Sunday. But what’s one more day? I’m gonna have two helpers with me on Monday. my two grandsons are going with me they are 5&7 so it should be interesting. When i asked them if they wanted to go they didn’t hesitate in responding with a huge yes. Over the past week, i have thought about what i have done taking them down to the stamp on an actual hunt is going to be a huge undertaking. First, i no doubt will have to use a two-wheeler to get all the snacks, water and all other things that a five and seven-year-old will want to take on the dove safari. Then there is the fact that they have zero patience so it will be interesting keeping them sitting and waiting for doves. Yep, it’s gonna be interesting for sure. I hope the doves are abundant and they don’t have a bunch of idle time. If the doves don’t get the memo and there is some idle time it will change from hunting doves to herding cats whatever the day turns out to be one thing for certain it will be time we’ll spent with my grandsons and that’s all that really matters.

You all be safe and enjoy the long weekend. If your going out hunting shoot straight and live it up.

Typical year

Well here we go again. Another year and so much excitement for the upcoming dove season. It’s August 24 and dove season opens in a week and just like so many years before mother nature is being cruel. Two weeks ago there were doves everywhere I was optimistic that this year would be a good dove year, after all, it has been crazy hot. Temps have been in the upper 90s and low 100s for about the past month overnight temps were mid-70s perfect for a good opening weekend of dove slaying. Unfortunately, mother nature had other plans. Overnight temps have been dropping into the mid-50s and doves don’t like that so a majority of them have moved on to a warmer climate. So my hope of an opening weekend filled with plenty of shooting has been reduced to well maybe there will be a few shot opportunities. Oh well, I’m getting used to it seems to be the way it goes more times than not.

On the bright side, there are plenty of Eurasian doves around and they are a bigger and slower target so maybe my opening weekend won’t be terrible.

I’m not a die-hard dove hunter I just look forward to it every year because it’s the start of yet another hunting season. Cooler temps overnight mean soon day time highs will be much cooler which for someone like me that hates the heat is a reason to celebrate. So I will gladly take a poor opening weekend of dove hunting if it means fall temps are coming soon. And along with those fall temps comes deer season and duck/goose season.

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